Our truck fleet - leading the way

Using one of the largest truck fleets in Greece, we can offer the following services/trucks or a combination to meet the strictest requirements. Balkan forwarders (especially Albanian & Macedonian forwarders, but this also applies to Bulgarian, Serbian and Kosovo forwarders) usually have limited capabilities. Greek freight forwarders usually have superior capabilities but are considerably more expensive to use. Access is one of the cheapest forwarders in Thessaloniki, offering an integrated services package tailored to your needs at a reasonable and very competitive price.


What does Access offer?

Import / Export   Cold trucks
Import / Export   Transportation in three temperatures (dry, maintenance, freezer)
Import / Export   Trucks equipped with double cooling systems
Import / Export   Sterile tanks for liquid food transportation
Import / Export   Delivery of liquid foodstuff that has sensitive temperature requirements
Import / Export   Silo tanks
Import / Export   Pick-up trucks
Import / Export   Dry cargo trucks


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